Company history



Company history

In 1996 INDUTRÓNICA DEL CARIBE S.A.S. was borne with the idea of creating on colombia's northern coast a company  who offers trustworthiness solutions and products in automation, energy and telecomunications fields, developing a high quality and exellence service concept.

Since its foundation it has developed several projects and services that have created confidence on every attended customer, all that was possible because it has an extremely high quality and compromised human talent.



img-indutronica INDUTRÓNICA DEL CARIBE S.A.S.  Has improved his experience supported in a high and valuable advisory from leading manufacuturers  in handled fields, also in differents challenging solutions requiered by our customers, who have always placed their trust in our solutions which by the way have exceeded expectations.


The benefits reached by the developed management are too many, but the most important of them is the trust that  companies have in our engineering, which is comparable with foreign companies, therefore we are expanding our services nationaly and internationaly.


Provided with a general management whose principal function is planning, coordinate, direct and implement tasks assigend by law, INDUTRÓNICA DEL CARIBE S.A.S. administrative area objectives are mainly to handle in the best possible way company´s resources, this management is permanently supporting the different areas in the company and is committed with leadership in strategic topics that are necessary to achieve our main goals.


In 2002 we get ISO 9001 certification and begins a transformation process in our commercial targets because up to that date  we were only  solving automation projects. form that day on we were looking forward to enlarge not only our prodcut portfolio but our market.


In year 2006 begins an strategy based on permanent innovation, looking out in the technological enviroment to identify productivity sources to our customer on successful implemented solutions in different areas like fuel control, RFID systems, anticollision system among others.


Today we are strategically focused not only on technological innovation but to adopt good practices in technology management so we can offer to our customers an oriented to productivity experience.


Some Experiences

  • automatizacion
  • aguas
  • energia
  • scada
  • rfid
  • ccms
  • minera
  • control-scada
  • combustible
  • automatizacion-general
  • infraestructura

About Us

historiaEn 1996 nace INDUTRÓNICA DEL CARIBE S.A.S. con la idea de crear en la costa norte del país una compañía que ofreciera soluciones integrales y productos en el área de Automatización, Energía y Telecomunicaciones.  » Leer Más

Company history

simbolo-indutronicaINDUTRÓNICA DEL CARIBE S.A.S. es una compañía local de ingeniería que provee soluciones integradas en las áreas de informática, telecomunicaciones, sistemas inteligentes de transporte, automatización y energía.  » Leer Más

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